Hidden Splits

In the Account Module, when a prepayment is attached to a treatment planned procedure, the Hidden Splits tab will show.

For payments to be allocated to treatment planned procedures, you must enable Allow prepayments to allocate to treatment planned procedures in Account Module Preferences.

The Hidden Splits tab shows a summary of any patient Payment allocated to a treatment planned procedure and Paysplit Unearned Type, flagged as Do Not Show on Account. These Unearned / Prepayment types are hidden from the Patient Account tab and most reports, to not affect the patient balance until the treatment is complete. The tab is only visible when a treatment planned procedure prepayment exists. Create additional treatment plan prepayment types in Definitions: PaySplit Unearned Types. Assign a custom type as the Default Treatment Planned Procedure Unearned Type in Account Module Preferences.

To edit or view the original Paysplit details, double-click the line item under Hidden Splits. Run the Hidden Payment Splits Report to track accounts with these prepayments.

Once the procedure is set complete, the prepayment transfers to the Patient Account and shows in reports on the transfer date. It will appear as a positive Income Transfer line item in the Patient Account tab and negative line item in the Hidden Splits tab. Also, the procedure description will no longer show on the original prepayment line item under the Hidden Splits tab since the procedure is detached when transferred.

The income transfer will look like this in the Patient Account: