Definitions: Account Colors

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Definitions, Account Colors.

The Account Colors definition determines the text color of line items in the Account Module, Patient Account grid.

Default: Line items that are not listed below.
Adjustments: Text color of Adjustments.
Discounts: Text color of Treatment Planned Procedure Discount adjustments.
Patient Payments: Text color of a Patient Payment.
Insurance: Claims with a status of waiting to send or sent.
Comm: Text color of Statements.
PayPlan: Payment Plan debits and credits.
Insurance Payment: Text color of Claim Payments.
Received Ins Claim: Claims with a status of received.
Received Pre-Auth: Preauthorizations with a status of received. Preauthorizations no longer show in the Account module, this definition is permanently hidden.
Broken Appointment Procedure: Procedure D9986 (missed appointment).
Canceled Appointment Procedure: Procedure D9987 (canceled appointment).

To edit a definition color double-click an item to open the Edit Definition window. Click the colored block to select a Color then click OK to save. The item name cannot be changed or hidden.