Statement Window

In the Account Module toolbar, click the Statement dropdown.

Statement button: Immediately prints to default printer. Set the default Statement sheet in Sheet Def Defaults.

Walkout: Immediately prints a Walkout Statement which does not include payment options. Displays information (procedures, payments, adjustments, etc) from today's date only, for the selected patient.

Email: Generates PDF attached to an email. The subject and body are automatically filled in based on Billing Defaults, but can be edited before sending. Regular email is not a secure method of sending statements (PHI).

Receipt: Immediately prints Receipt with today's payments. Set the default Receipt sheet in Sheet Def Defaults.

Invoice: Shows Invoice with selected procedures, usually for foreign countries. Set the default Invoice sheet in Sheet Def Defaults.

Limited: Only shows transactions associated with selected procedures, including adjustments, claim payments, and patient payments. See Limited Statement for details. Set the default Limited sheet in Sheet Def Defaults.

Limited (Custom): Displays the Limited Statement Select window. See Limited Statement for details.

More Options: Shows the window below to let you customize a statement prior to printing or sending.

Alternatively, this window also opens when you double-click a bill in the Bills List (Billing List). A read-only window also opens when you double-click an existing statement, invoice, or receipt.

Below is a description of all options that might show on the window. Not all options show for all statement types, and not all options can be modified.

Note: By default, statements for a family only displays patients with a status of Patient unless Single patient only or Intermingle family members is checked (unless a balance is due).

Buttons at Bottom

Delete: Deletes Statement. If current user does not have the Image Delete Permission copy saved in Image Folder will not be deleted.

Print: Sends to the default printer. The statement is designed to be printed on standard perforated billing paper and to fit inside a standard window envelope.
If the statement is marked as sent, this button will open the statement in PDF.

Note: Envelopes and billing paper may be ordered from many companies. We have found FormSource to have good service and reliability. See their OpenDentalHealth Care Form Price List. Their number is 1-800-553-3676.

Email: Open the Email window, with a PDF version of the statement, receipt, or invoice attached. The default email message will be used.

Pat Portal: Send the statement to the patient's portal. In order to do so, the following criteria must be met:

If criteria is met, a message will give you an option to notify the patient via email that the statement is available:

View: Preview the statement, receipt, or invoice. Clicking view will open the Fill Sheet window for additional options. Edit any custom Sheet Field Types then Print or Email to save the changes.