Sheet Grid

In Edit Sheet Def, click Grid.

Grids are Sheet Field Types for use in certain sheets.

They are a fixed group of information organized into columns and rows. They can be added to Statements, Treatment Plans, Referrals, and printed Payment Plan.

Select the grid type using the dropdown. The grid options vary depending on the sheet type.

(optional) Enter the X and Y position of the upper left corner of the grid in relation to the x and y axis. X = horizontal, Y = vertical.

Note: You can also click and drag the grid on the sheet itself to reposition it.

Statement Grids

There are five statement grid types.



StatementMain: The columns can be modified in Display Fields, StatementMainGrid (column names, order, and size).


StatementInvoicePayment: The grid will populate with payments attached to procedures on the invoice as well as unattached payments that were made on the same day.

Treatment Plan Grids

There are three treatment plan grid types.

TreatPlanMain: At least one TreatPlanMain must exist in each treatment plan sheet. The columns can be modified in Display Fields, TreatPlanModule (column names, order, and width).



Payment Plan Grid

There is one payment plan grid.


Referral Letter Grid

There is one Referral Letter grid.


Patient Dashboard Grid

There is one grid for Patient Dashboards.


Chart Layout Grids

There are two grids when using Chart Layouts.