In the Account Module toolbar, click the Statement dropdown, Invoice.

Invoice will be generated based on selected procedures and adjustments.

  • Selecting Invoice before selecting procedures will create an invoice for all procedures and payments for today (unless Super Family billing is enabled).
  • Once attached to an invoice, the same procedures and adjustments cannot be attached to a new invoice.
  • Printed and emailed invoices are saved as PDFs in the patient account and Imaging Module, Statements image category.
  • To reprint, resend, or view, double-click on the invoice number in the patient account.

Setup Options:

Change invoice options as needed.

Click View to preview the invoice. If a PDF has been created, View will preview the PDF. If no PDF exists, View will preview the Fill Sheet window. Edit any custom Sheet Field Types then Print or Email to save the changes.

Click Print to send the invoice to the default Printer.

Click Pat Portal to send the invoice to the Patient Portal Feature.

Click Email to email the invoice as a PDF.

Click OK to generate the invoice without saving, printing or emailing the PDF.

If the Mode is changed on an existing invoice, a new PDF is created.

Invoice Search

Set up a Display Field in the Patient Select window to search for patients by invoice number.

Foreign Users

To use the title TAX INVOICE, add the output text field, statementIsTaxReceipt, to the sheet.

To show the word COPY at the top of statements printed more than once, add the output text field, statementIsCopy, to the sheet. To print again without the word COPY, uncheck the Sent checkbox and the Invoice Copy checkbox, then print again.

Sample Invoice: