Payment Plan Layout

Payment Plan printouts can be customized to meet the needs of the practice.

In Sheets, double-click on a custom sheet with the type of PaymentPlan.

Alternatively, in Sheets:

Also see: Sheet Def Properties and Sheet Field Types.


Enable Pay Plans use Sheets for printing in Preferences to use a sheet layout when Printing a Payment Plan from the Account Module.

If no custom sheet has been created, the internal sheet is used. If multiple custom PaymentPlan sheets exist, the top-most (i.e., first alphabetically) sheet is used when printing.

Customizing a Payment Plan Sheet

To customize a PaymentPlan sheet type, see Edit Sheet Def.

The layout of printed Old Payment Plan terms (Sign and Print Payment Plan) can be customized by setting up a sheet with a PaymentPlan type. If enabled, the same custom sheet is used for all printed payment plans.

Additional information: