Payment Plan Layout

In Sheets, double-click on a Payment Plan.

The layout of printed Payment Plan terms (Sign and Print Payment Plan) can be customized by setting up a sheet with a PaymentPlan type. If enabled, the same custom sheet is used for all printed payment plans.

Enable the Preference

Enable the preference in Account Module Preferences.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Account, Misc Account tab. Check the option Pay Plans use Sheets.

The custom payment plan sheet listed first alphabetically will be used. For example, if two custom payment plans named Plan A and Plan B exist, Plan A will be used because it comes first alphabetically. If there is no custom payment plan, the internal sheet will be used.

Set up a Payment Plan Sheet

Copy a sheet or create a new one.

Change the sheet as needed.

  • There is one grid, PayPlanGrid, that is only available for sheets with a PaymentPlan type. The columns in the grid are fixed and cannot be changed. Sheets: Grids
  • An electronic signature box can be added to a payment plan sheet. If added, a preview window will display before printing so the plan can be signed. Sheets: Signature Boxes
  • Printed and saved custom payment plan notes are saved as PDFs in the Images module. To set the folder these payment plans are saved in, see Definitions: Image Categories.