Dashboard Setup

Patient Dashboards can be created and edited as needed.

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Patient Dashboards, Dashboard Setup.

Alternatively, if a database has more than 28 dashboards, in the Main Menu, click Tools, Patient Dashboards, Setup.

Also see Patient Dashboard.

See our video: QuickTip: Patient Dashboard.

User Group: To access the dashboard, a user must be assigned to a user group that has a dashboard marked as Allowed. The SecurityAdmin permission is required to allow user group access.

Set All: Click to mark all custom dashboards as allowed for the selected user group.

Add: Click to add a new dashboard from scratch.

Internal: Lists the original sheet template that comes with Open Dental. This sheet cannot be edited, but can be copied.

Custom: Lists customized templates that have been created by your office.

Allowed: Select each dashboard that you wish the selected user group to have access to. Allowed dashboards will be marked with an X.

Copy: Click to copy the internal sheet to be customized.

Tools: Click to Import or Export a patient dashboard sheet. Useful for sharing saved layouts with other Open Dental databases.

Editing a Dashboard

Double-click a dashboard in the Custom column to edit it.

Dashboards are edited in the same style as sheets. For more information on editing sheets, see Sheet Field Types.