DoseSpot Alerts

Providers, non-doctors, and clinics subscribed to DoseSpot receive eRx alerts

In the Main Menu, click Alerts.

Before alerts display, each provider/proxy clinician and clinic must be subscribed to eRx Alerts. See Alert Subscription.

The eRx alert category includes the registered provider and registered clinic that are subscribed to the alert.

Take Action on an Alert

The alert, Select user to assign ID, appears when multiple users are assigned to one provider, or no user is assigned. This alert requires action.

  1. Click the alert, then click Open.
  2. Assign a user.
    • DoseSpot User ID: Displays the user ID that is assigned to the registered provider. This field cannot be edited.
    • User to Assign: Pick a user from the list, or click the picker button to open the Pick User window and assign a user.
  3. Click OK to assign the selected user to the User ID shown.