Alert Categories

Alerts can be grouped into categories, which can then be assigned to users.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Alert Categories.

A list of internal groupings show on the left. Customized alert categories show on the right. Only customized alert categories can be edited.

Assign alert categories to users in User Edit.

Add an New Category

Highlight an internal alert category, then click Copy. Or highlight a custom alert category and click Duplicate. The new category will list under Custom.

Edit Alerts in a Category

Double-click a custom category to edit.

Highlight the alerts to attach to the category, then click OK to save.

Click Delete to delete a custom category.

Note: Each custom alert category has a child/parent relationship with the internal category it was copied from. Thus, if a new alert is added to an internal category (the parent), the alert is also automatically added to the custom category (the child).