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Automated Messaging Feature

Automated Messaging includes eReminders, eConfirmations, and Automated Thank-You messages. Automated Messaging helps you manage and automate your appointment process.

  • See our video: Automated Messaging.
  • Only locations on support with a unique registration key can use eServices.


This free eService sends automated message reminder (email or text message) about upcoming appointments. eReminders are intended to be sent a short time before an appointment so patients don't forget to come.

Open Dental will automatically send the eReminder when it is due and log the email or commlog in the Chart.

*Text reminders require the Integrated Texting eService. Email reminders can be sent at no additional cost.



Send automated text message and/or email reminders about upcoming appointments AND allow the patient to e-confirm.

Open Dental will automatically send the eConfirmation when it is due, change the appointment's confirmation status (optional), and generate a commlog.

Patient has an option to confirm the appointment via text message or URL link. When confirmed, the appointment's confirmation status automatically updates.

*There is an additional per month, per location fee for eConfirmations. Monthly fee includes Integrated Texting access. See Fees for Software, Support, Service.

eServices Signup


eConfirmation users also have access to Arrivals, which allow the office to easily communicate with patients who have arrived to their appointment and are waiting outside.

Automated Thank-Yous

This free eService sends an automated thank you message (email or text message) when a patient schedules an appointment. They are sent shortly after an appointment is scheduled for a patient.

Open Dental will automatically send the Thank-You after the appointment is scheduled and generate a commlog.

*Texts require the Integrated Texting eService. Emails can be sent at no additional cost.

Automated Thank-Yous


This eService sends a message to patients requesting they wait in their vehicle before their appointment. When the patient arrives, they will text the response back to the office. This changes the appointment status to Arrived, sends an automatic text message asking the patient to wait outside, and creates an Alert to notify the office. When the appointment is ready, the office can then right-click on the appointment and send a Come In text message to patient stating they can come inside the building.

*Requires eConfirmations. Usual text message fees apply.


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