Web Sched Existing Patient: What Patient Sees

When using Web Sched Existing Patient, what a patient sees depends on the selected settings.

Patient Scheduling

Patient's will be asked if they have had an appointment with the office before.

Existing patients will enter their first name, last name, and date of birth.

Note: If the patient has Appointment scheduling is restricted in Edit Patient Information window, they will not be able to schedule.

Note: If multiple patients with the same first name, last name, and birthdate are found, the following additional verification is needed:

The patient will select the reason for the appointment, then click View Openings.

  • Reasons for the appointment are generated by the Appointment Types associated in Definitions: Web Sched Existing Appt Types.
  • If Web Sched Recall is enabled, TeethCleaning will also display. If TeethCleaning is selected by the patient, the appointment will be scheduled as a Web Sched Recall appointment instead.

To schedule the appointment, the patient will select the provider, date, and time. Then click Schedule Appointment.

A prompt will ask to confirm the appointment date and time.

The patient will be required to verify their identity. Depending on the setting selected in the Web Sched Advanced window, the patient will choose from an email, text message, or both.

The patient will enter the code received.

A confirmation will show.

If you have enabled Web Forms to launch, the patient will then be redirected to the Web Forms page.