Definitions: Web Sched Existing Appt Types

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Definitions, Web Sched Existing Appt Types.

The Web Sched Existing Appt Types definition determines the list of available Reasons for Appointment options patients select from when scheduling an appointment using the Web Sched Existing Patient feature.

Create Appointment Types first to determine the length and procedures for certain types of appointments. Then assign a Web Sched Existing Appt Type to the appointment type. When a patient schedules an appointment online and selects one of these types from the list of appointment reasons, an appointment will be created with the procedures and for the length designated in the associated appointment type.

To add or edit the reasons for appointment:

  1. Double-click an existing item or click Add to create a new item. The Edit Definition window will open.
  2. Name: Enter the reason. The reason text is also added to the appointment note.
  3. Appointment Type: Click [...] to assign an appointment type. Each reason can be assigned to one appointment type.
  4. Restrict to Specific Blockouts: Click [...] to restrict this appointment type to scheduling over the specific blockout. Multiple appointment types can be restricted to the same blockout.
  5. Click OK to save.

To delete a reason not in use, double-click an item and click Delete.