Language Translation

Open Dental's translation tool is a way to enter translations specific to the software on your own.

In the Main Menu, click Tools, Language Translation.

See International Customers.

  • This menu item is only visible if the computer's Region and Languages setting is set to a foreign language.
  • For information on setting the patient's preferred language, see Language.
  • For information on translating sheets, see Language Translations for Sheets.

Translations allows users to view Open Dental in their preferred language. Language support is built into Open Dental. The code is written to automatically adapt to the user's Region and Language Settings. Translations are specific to the culture (country), not just the language. For example, there are many Spanish translations available depending on which country you are in. If a translation has not been made specifically for your country, the code will use a translation for the same language from a different country.

Set your computer's Region and Language Settings to your language/country, then restart Open Dental for changes to take affect.

Download: Download and install current available translations. See below for a list of available translations.

Export All: Export custom language settings to share with other users.

All translated words and phrases are organized by category. The category usually corresponds to the name of window each item is displayed in. To understand the various categories and windows, you will need to become familiar with the program. As you access areas in Open Dental, English phrases are dynamically added to the translation tool. The more you use the program, the more categories will show, and the more phrases will be available to translate. The program is designed this way to help you more easily identify and translate the areas of the program that you actually use.

Double-click on a category to enter custom translations.

This window shows all the available phrases and translations for a category. The more you work with the program, the more phrases that will appear.

Double-click on an item to edit.

English: You cannot add English comments; it is only for our use.

Translation: Enter the translation. If a phrase needs to be left blank, enter a space. (e.g for Social Security Number). A space is very different from an empty field. A space will make the word show up empty; an empty field will retain the English version.

Other Translation: Will show any other available translations for your language. For instance, if you are translating for Spanish Peru, you may see an existing translation for Spanish Mexico or Spanish Puerto Rico.

Comments: Enter any comments.

Custom Fields

Some fields in Open Dental are not accessible via the translation tool because they are easily customizable for all users. Refer to many of the options in the Main Menu, Setup.

Available Translations

The following translations are available to download: