Region and Language

See International Customers.

From the Windows Control Panel, open Region.

For the most part, Open Dental will look and behave similarly for everyone. However, the following are determined by Region and Language settings:

After changing the Region and Language settings, restart Open Dental.


Problem: I type in a language that combines characters (e.g. Arabic, Korean) and I use IME keyboard. How do I allow composition typing in Open Dental?

Solution: Turn on composition typing in Miscellaneous Setup.

Problem: I receive this message when I start Open Dental.

Solution: This warning means the database setting for language and region is different than the computer's setting. You can change the computer setting to match the database setting, change the database setting to match the computer setting, or leave settings as is. You can also stop this warning from showing on this computer. In Miscellaneous Setup, click [...] next to Language and region used by program, then check the Do not show this window on startup box.

When launching Open Dental, I get a warning that the computer is not using the recommended decimal settings.

The workstation is currently set to use something other than two decimal places for currency. The current Windows setting is indicated in the warning. Follow the instructions in the warning to update the current setting in the Windows Control Panel. Check Do not show this window on startup (this conputer only) if you wish to keep this setting and no longer want to receive this warning.