Setup Recall

Set the default options for the Recall List in on the Setup Recall window.

Hint: Use to Web Sched Recall automate recall reminders, management, and scheduling. This eService can automatically send recall reminders to patients via email and/or text messaging, based on recall due dates. Reminders include a clickable Open Dental link that allows patients to schedule their own recall appointments online, thus reducing your daily workload.

Note: Default options for postcards and email logic also affect the Confirmation List.

To open the Setup Recall window, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Appointments, Recall.


The Messages grid lists the various subject lines and text used for recall reminders sent from the Recall List.

To change message text:

  1. Double click on a row.
  2. Enter the subject or message text. Insert variables as needed.
  3. Click OK to save.

Text with brackets indicates variables that pull information directly from the database. For example [NameF], you are due for your regular dental check-up on [DueDate] might look like this:
"John, you are due for your regular dental check-up on 01/12/2015."

Available variables:

A text message segment is 160 characters. Each additional message segment will result in additional charges.

Note: Regular email and text messaging are not secure methods of sending PHI. Encryption of Data at Rest and in Transit.

When multiple family members are sent a Web Sched Recall reminder, the message is automatically aggregated using a standard message format that cannot be changed. See Web Sched Recall.

Recall Status Options

The status options determine which recall status is automatically applied when a recall reminder is sent. Customize options in Definitions: Recall / Unsched Status.

Recall List Defaults

The following options affect what shows in the recall list by default.

Types to show in recall list: Highlight the Recall Types to show. To highlight multiple types, click and drag or press Ctrl while clicking

Note: Prophy type covers both adult and child prophies.

Recall List Default View: Select default filter and sort options.

Exclude options: Select only one.

Also show in list if # of days since: Set reminder intervals. Each patient will first show up on the list when they are due for recall. Once a reminder (Commlog of type Recall) is sent, they will disappear from the list until they are due for their next reminder.

Postcard Options

These options affect printing of both recall and confirmation postcards.

Email Logic

The Use email if is used by to determine when email is a patient's default contact method (Contact column).