Language Translations for Sheets

In the Edit Sheet Def window, click the Language dropdown.

Language translations can be set up for any language that has been added in Miscellaneous Setup. Translated sheets automatically populate for patients with their preferred language set in the Edit Patient Information window. (i.e. A patient with their language set to Spanish will automatically use the sheets that have a Spanish translation.)

See our video: Language Translations for Sheets.

Click the Language Dropdown to select the language to edit, or click Add New.

A copy of the default sheet will be created. Make edits, add in translations, and any other needed information, then click OK to save.

Translations are not done by the system. You must go into each field and manually enter the translation into the selected language version. You may also need to move the field or edit the size. Edited fields on a translated sheet show in green. Fields that have not been changed show in blue.

To delete a language translation, select the translation from the dropdown menu, then click Delete. This will only delete the selected language translation, not the entire sheet.

  • Web Forms will offer a language dropdown. Patients can then choose their preferred language.
  • eClipboard will use the patient's preferred language as set in the Edit Patient Information window.