Patient Language Options

You can customize which languages show as options on the Edit Patient Information Window in the Language dropdown.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Miscellaneous, then Edit Languages.
    • All Languages: Microsoft-supported languages.
    • Custom: Add custom language options.
    • Languages used by patients: The language options that show in the Language dropdown on the Patient Edit window, listed in the order they appear.
    • Indicator that patient has no specified language: For EHR (see Open Dental EHR). This language is the indicator that patient declined to specify a language. Only Custom options can be selected. This indicator is recognized in EHR Measure Reports as acceptable input.
  2. Add languages to the list of Languages used by patients. They can only be added one at a time.
    • Highlight a language, then click Add.
    • To add a language not in the list, enter it in the Custom text field, then click Add.
  3. EHR Users: Specify the indicator when a patient does not specify a language.
    • Create a custom language and add it to the list of Languages used by patient (e.g. Declined to Specify).
    • If there is only one custom option, it will be selected by default. Otherwise click the dropdown to select the indicator.
  4. To reorder the list, highlight a language, then click the up/down arrows to move it.
  5. Click OK to save.