EdgeExpress Setup

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links. Double-click on EdgeExpress from www.globalpaymentsintegrated.com.

EdgeExpress is part of XCharge (OpenEdge). Both are provided by Global Payments Integrated.

To enable EdgeExpress:

  1. Check the Enabled box.
  2. If using clinics, select the Clinic the Payment Settings apply to.
  3. Select the default Payment Type for EdgeExpress transactions.
    • If the Preference, Payments prompt for Payment Type, is enabled, users must manually select a payment type.
  4. Determine the following:
    • Prompt for signature on CC trans by default: Check to prompt patients for a signature on the credit card terminal before completing transactions. The terminal must support electronic signatures.
    • Print receipts by default: Check to automatically print an EdgeExpress receipt to the default receipt Printer when a transaction is completed.
    • Recurring charges force duplicates by default: By default, transactions for the same amount charged to the same card on the same day are declined. This is to prevent accidentally charging a card twice. Check to allow duplicate charges. Useful if family members have recurring charges set up on the same card for the same day.
    • Prevent saving new cards: Uncheck to allow users to process new transactions or save new payment information to a patient's account in Open Dental. Check to prevent users from processing new transactions or saving new payment information in Open Dental. This does not affect payments processed through the Payment Portal.
      • To set whether or not new cards are saved to a patient's account after each transaction, see Preferences, Automatically store credit card tokens.
    • Enable payments for Payment Portal and eClipboard: Check to allow patient payments via Payment Portal.
  5. Enter the X-Web settings:
    • Enter the XWebID (12 digits).
    • Enter the Auth Key (32 digits).
    • Enter the Terminal ID (8 digits).
  6. Click OK to save.

When enabled, a Global Payments Integrated button displays in the Payment window.