Dental School Evaluation Setup

Set up Evaluations to track student progress.

In Dental School Setup, click Evaluations.

Setting up Dental Student Evaluations for Dental Schools includes attaching a grading scale and defining the criteria that will be evaluated. To set up evaluations, the logged-on user must have the Setup security permission. The list of evaluation definitions can be filtered by dental course.

Evaluation Definitions: Evaluations matching the selected course are listed

Course: Select a course from dropdown to filter the Evaluation Definitions list.

Duplicate: Highlight an evaluation in the grid and click to create a copy. All details are copied, but the Title is appended with -copy.

Add: Click to create a new evaluation. Opens the Evaluation Definition Edit window (see below).

Evaluation Definition Edit

From Evaluation Definitions, click Add to create a new Evaluation Definition or double-click an existing Evaluation Definition to edit. The Evaluation Definition Edit window opens.

Enter general evaluation information.

Criteria Used: Lists the any criteria currently added to the Evaluation. If using a weighted grading scale, the total points for all criteria is shown at the bottom

Reorder criteria using the ..

Evaluation Criterion Def Edit

From Evaluation Definition Edit, click Add to create new criterion or double-click an existing criterion from the list to edit.

Delete: Remove this criterion from the evaluation.

Click OK to save changes.