Dental School Instructors

In Dental School Providers, click Add or double-click on an existing Instructor to edit.

Dental Schools instructors are providers who can also fill out Dental Student Evaluations. You must set the Dental School Setup before you can create instructor providers. Existing providers or students cannot be designated as instructors. Instead you must create a new instructor.

Dental school specific information shows in the lower right corner of the window. For instructors, the Is Instructor checkbox should be checked.

In the dental schools search by area, click the Instructors radio button. Only instructors will list in the providers grid.

Enter the instructor's information. Refer to Provider for detailed information about each field.

In the Dental Schools area, enter the user name and password this instructor will use to Log On to Open Dental.

Instructors can change their own password via the Main Menu, File, Change Password.