Fill out Student Evaluations

Instructors can fill evaluations for Dental School students.

In Evaluations, click Add.

Only Dental School Instructors can fill out a student evaluation. Users with the Admin Eval Edit permission can view or edit existing evaluations. Before creating an evaluation for a student, add Evaluation Definitions in Dental School Evaluation Setup.

Course: Filter the evaluations by course.

Double-click an evaluation definition to begin.

Enter general evaluation information.

Criterion: The grid shows all criteria attached to the evaluation.

Grading Scale: Displays the available options for the evaluation's Grading Scale.

As evaluation numbers are entered, the Overall Grade Number and Overall Grade fields at the bottom are automatically updated using the evaluation's Grading Scale. To override an overall calculation, enter the value in the white boxes to the right of each field.

Click Save to add the evaluation or keep changes.