Report Setup: Misc Settings

Miscellaneous report settings control the default options for standard reports.

In the Reports Setup window, click the Misc Settings tab.

Check a box to select a setting; uncheck a box to deselect.

Wrap columns when printing: Set whether or not column text will wrap to the next line when printing complex reports and user queries.

Show PatNum: Aging, OutstandingIns, ProcsNotBilled: Set whether or not the patient number shows with patient name in the Aging of A/R, Outstanding Insurance Claims, and Procedures Not Billed to Insurance reports.

Monthly P&I scheduled production subtracts PPO write-offs:

Default to showing clinic info on Daily P&I report: Set the default setting for Show Clinic Info on Daily Production and Income report.

Default to showing clinic breakdown on P&I reports: Set the default setting for Show Clinic Breakdown in Production and Income reports.

Show a verbose history when previewing reports: Set the default setting for verbose history when running reports via the Complex Report System.

Allow using today's date in Provider Payroll report: Determines whether or not the Provider Payroll Production and Income Report (detailed) allows including today's date.

Calculate write-offs by claim snapshot for today's date in Net Production Detail report: Determines which amount to use as the write-off in the Net Production Detail Daily Report.

Incomplete Procedure Note Report defaults: These settings determine the default state for corresponding checkboxes in the Incomplete Procedure Notes Report.

Assume all procedures are in the General benefit category by default in the Treatment Finder report:

Default to 'Date Range' tab in Outstanding Insurance Report: See Outstanding Insurance Claims Report.

Default to including hidden treatment planned prepayments on the Payments report: Determines the default behavior for hidden splits on the Daily Payments Report.

Default selected date for PPO write-offs: Set the default setting for Show insurance write-offs in Production and Income, PPO Write-off, Daily Write-off, Monthly Production Goals, Custom Aging and Receivables Breakdown reports. See Show Insurance Writeoffs for more details.

Excluded Codes for Incomplete Procedure Notes Report: Determine which codes to optionally exclude from the Incomplete Procedure Notes report. D9986 ( Missed) and D9987 (Cancelled) are entered by default. Click [...] to add additional codes.