Incomplete Procedure Notes Report

Use this report to find procedures with an incomplete note or to find incomplete group notes.

In Standard Reports, in the Daily section, click Incomplete Procedure Notes.

Optionally, this report can include procedures with no note or unsigned notes.


Note: To control user access to this report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.


Set the report filters to update the Incomplete Procedure Notes grid.

Include procedures with no notes on any procedure for the same day: Check to list patients with completed procedures, on the same day that do not have a note and uncompleted quotations.

Include procedures with a note that is unsigned: Check to include procedures with a note but no note signature (valid or invalid).

Show Excluded Codes: Check to include excluded codes in the report. Users can determine which codes to exclude in Report Setup: Misc Settings, Excluded Codes for Incomplete Procedure Report.

Clinics: Select specific clinics, or check All (includes hidden) to include all patients, including those marked hidden.

Providers: Select the providers to include. Ctrl + click to select multiple providers. Check All to include all listed providers.

Group By: List results are ordered by completed procedure date and patient name. Select one of the following to group the list by:

From / To: Use the From and To dates dropdown menu to select the end date. Includes patients matching the filter criteria within the selected date range. Defaults to today's date.

Incomplete Procedure Notes

Click Refresh to update report results based on the currently selected filters. The Incomplete Procedure Notes grid will display results matching the filter criteria. Right-click or double-click a row to open the Chart Module for the selected patient.

Available columns may change based on the filter criteria. Descriptions of each column are below.

Right-click or double-click a row to open the selected patient's chart.

Print / Export

Print: Click to immediately print the report results.

Export : Click to save the report results as a .txt or .xls file.

Close: Click to exit the report.