Incomplete Procedure Note Report

This report shows all completed procedures with incomplete Procedure Notes or Procedure Group Notes, and can optionally include procedures with no note or unsigned notes.


  1. In the Main Menu, click Reports, Standard Reports.
  2. In the Daily section, click Incomplete Procedure Notes.
  3. Include procedures with no notes on any procedure for the same day: Check to list patients with completed procedures, on the same day that does not have a note and uncompleted quotations.

    Note: If a procedure had a note at one time but currently does not, the procedure will be excluded from the list.

  4. Include procedures with a note that is unsigned: Check to include procedures with a note but no note signature (valid or invalid).

    Note: If Include procedures with no notes on any procedure for the same day is also checked and no note ever existed in the procedure note field, the Unsigned column will be blank.

  5. Use the From date dropdown menu to select the start date and the To date dropdown menu to select the end date. Includes patients matching the filter criteria within the selected date range. Defaults to today's date.
  6. Clinics: Highlight specific clinics, or select All to include patients for all clinics.
  7. Providers: Highlight specific providers, or click All to include patients for all providers.
  8. List results are ordered by completed procedure date and patient name. Select one of the following to group the list by:
    • Procedure (default): Lists patients by procedure code.
    • Patient: Groups by patient name (one row per patient).
    • Date and Patient: Groups by completed procedure date then patient name (one row per patient, per date).
  9. Click Refresh to update the list after making filter changes.
    • Single click a patient to select the patient in the background.
    • Right click or double click a patient to go to the patient's chart.
    • Print to send to the default printer.
    • Export to save as a file.