Net Production Detail Daily Report

The Net Production Detail Daily Report (Provider Payroll Transactional Report) is a true daily report that lists net production by transaction in a specified date range.

In Standard Reports, in the Daily section, click Net Production Detail Daily.

This report is useful for offices that use accrual accounting. The estimated write-off is reported on the date of service and any variance in that write-off is reported on the insurance payment date as the change from estimate to actual.


Filters and Report Options

Set the report filters and options before running the report.

Providers: Select the providers to include, or check All to include all providers, including providers marken Hidden on Reports, that have activity (i.e., production) for the reporting period.

Clinics: Select the clinics to include in the report, or check All (includes hidden) to include all clinics.

Today's Date: Automatically populated with the current date for reference. If Today is selected as the Report Type, this will be the reporting period.

Pay Period Date Range: Select the date range of the report. The default is based on the current Pay Period (see: Time Card Setup), if one is set up. Otherwise, it defaults to one week prior to today's date.

Report Types: Determine which transaction dates are included in the reporting period.

Report Preview

After setting report options and filters, click OK to generate a print preview of the report. Below is an example of the report and explanation of the report columns.

For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.