Net Production Detail Daily Report

The Net Production Detail Daily Report is a true daily report that lists net production by transaction in a specified date range. This report is useful for offices that use accrual accounting. The estimated write-off is reported on the date of service and any variance in that write-off is reported on the insurance payment date as the change from estimate to actual.


  1. In the Main Menu, click Reports, Standard.
  2. In the Daily section, click Net Production Detail Daily.
  3. Providers: Highlight the providers to include in the report. Press Ctrl while clicking to select multiple providers, or click All to select all providers.
  4. Clinics: Select the clinics to include in the report, or click All to select all clinics.
  5. Pay Period Date Range: Default is the current pay period. Click the left or right arrow to adjust the date range of the report.
  6. Report Types: Choose Date Range or Today. Date range is by pay period if one is set up.
  7. Click OK to generate the report.

Technical Details

Type: There are three types that will appear.

UCR: Gross production by day. Does not take capitation write-offs into account. This may cause the gross production values to differ from the Production and Income report.

OrigEstWO: Write-off estimate amount for the procedure's primary insurance, based on the Claim Snapshot. (Family Module Preferences)

EstVsActualWO: Snapshot write-off minus the claim proc write-off.

NPR: This is net production: gross production (UCR) minus write-off estimates (OrigEstWO).