Show Insurance Writeoffs

Offices can choose the default write-off option that best fits their practice needs when running reports.

In Report Setup: Misc Settings, near the bottom, is a dropdown for Default selected date for PPO write-offs.

Choose the default setting that will affect the date write-offs will appear on reports. Insurance claims must be created before write-offs will appear on reports.


The option chosen in Report Setup will affect the default Show Insurance Write-offs setting for the following reports:

The setting can be changed manually when running the reports.

Note: This setting does not affect the Receivables Breakdown Report, but the descriptions of how write-off dates are applied are still applicable to that report.


Insurance Pay Date: Use insurance payment date.

Apply write-offs when the insurance payment is received. Recommended when the write-off amount is unknown on the date of service (carrier fee schedule is unknown).

This method is used in the patient Account Module. Use this method if the office uses global lock dates.

Procedure Date: Use procedure date.

Apply write-offs on the date the procedure is completed. Recommended when the write-off amount is known on the date of service (carrier's fee schedule has been entered).

Initial Claim Date/Ins Pay Date: Use initial claim date for write-off estimates, insurance payment date for write-off adjustments.

On the claim date, the write-off estimate displays what was originally sent to insurance. Updating the write-off after the claim was sent will not reflect on the report under write off estimate but will display on reports as of the payment date under write-off adjustments once the payment has been finalized

This option is not available for Receivables Breakdown Report.