Missing Teeth

Missing or hidden teeth are recorded at the patient's first visit, before entering treatment. This information is required when submitting claims and allows proper selection of pontics for bridges. Teeth marked as missing do not show on the Graphical Tooth Chart and are marked skipped when you create the first perio chart.

  1. In the Chart Module, click the Missing Teeth tab.
  2. Click on one or more teeth in the tooth chart. Click and drag to quickly highlight multiple teeth.
  3. Mark the teeth. There are five options:

    Missing: Mark a selected tooth as missing. The tooth number will still show on the tooth chart, but the tooth will not. Procedure codes that have a paint type of Extraction are automatically marked as missing when the procedure is set complete or entered with a status of EO or EC. Deleting the procedure does not make the teeth reappear; you must manually set the teeth not missing.

    Not Missing: Return a missing tooth to the chart.

    Edentulous: Mark all teeth as missing at once.

    Hidden: Remove the selected tooth and tooth number, from the chart so there is no way to select it for procedures. This is commonly used when a premolar has been extracted and the teeth have been moved by orthodontics to close the space. To quickly hide four premolars at once:

    1. Highlight all four.
    2. Click Hidden.
    3. Click and drag to highlight all the teeth posterior to the hidden premolars.
    4. Click the Movements tab, then click the Mesial + button 3 times to close all the spaces. Select a hidden tooth, then unhide it.

    Unhide: Select a hidden tooth, then unhide it.