Email Client

Use the Email Inbox to view and send regular emails, secure emails, and WebMail messages.

In the Manage Module, click Emails.

Emails that display in this window vary depending on user and message type.

This window can be left open in the background so that other areas of Open Dental can be accessed.

The Open Dental Service is required to download new emails. New emails on the mail server are automatically synced in the background. Automatic download occurs every time Open Dental starts, when the inbox is opened, and at set intervals (see Email Setup).

Setup and Addresses


Use the Search area to find specific emails by patient, email address, date range, or subject/body.

First select the Inbox or Sent Message tab, then use the following fields:

Click Search to enter search mode (turns yellow). Matching results will list.

Click Clear to exit search mode.

Show Email In

In the Show Email In area, select where an individual email will show or not show. To show the email in an area, highlight it. To hide the email in the area, deselect it. By default, all areas are selected.

Show Hidden Emails: Check to show emails that have been hidden in all areas.

Sent Message Sources

In the Sent Message Sources area, select which emails are shown in the Sent Messages grid or click All to show all sent emails. Clicking None clears the current selection.

The source filter options are only available while on the Sent tab and an email address is selected. If WebMail is selected, the filter options are disabled and all sent WebMail messages will show.

Manual: Emails created and sent by a user.

Automated: Emails automatically created and sent by an Open Dental feature.

Show Failed Emails: Check to show emails that were sent but failed to deliver to the recipient.

Email Options

Inbox Tab

Click the Inbox tab to view received messages for the selected email address. Click a column header to sort the messages alphabetically in ascending or descending order.

Unread messages will be bold. Highlight a message to preview the message text in the lower portion of the window, or double-click a message to open it in a new window.


Sent Tab

Click the Sent tab to view all messages sent by the selected address from Open Dental. Sent messages can only be viewed, not edited. They can be deleted if there is no patient attached.

Sent Messages columns: The columns are the same as the Inbox, except for the following:

Highlight a message to preview the message text in the lower portion of the window, or double-click a message to open it in a new window.


To delete a message, highlight it then click Delete.

Deleting a received message removes it from the inbox only, not the email server. It will not download from the email server again. Sent messages can only be deleted when there is no attached patient.

Emails attached to a patient are removed from the inbox, yet still visible in the Commlog and Progress Notes.

Emails not attached to a patient are permanently removed.