Authorizing Recurring Charges

To add a patient to the CC Recurring Charges list, you must authorize the recurring charges.


  1. In the patient's Account Module, Main tab, click Credit Card Manage.
  2. Double click an existing card.
  3. Verify the card information.
    • Card Number: If stored as a token, the card number will be masked.
    • Exp (MMYY): The card's expiration date. For example, 10/2014 = 1014. If not entered in this format the card will not be saved.
    • Address/Zip: If left blank, the address entered on the Edit Patient Information Window is used.
  4. Payment Plan: To add Payments to a Payment Plan as a recurring charge, click the dropdown and select the plan. The charge will show in the Recurring Charges list as long as the payment plan has a Due Now fee that exceeds or equals the Charge Amount. Only payment plans that this patient is the selected guarantor of will list.
  5. Charge Amount: Enter the approved monthly charge to apply to the credit card. This field is required. Click Clear to remove the amount.
  6. Date Start: Enter the day the charge is scheduled for processing. Click Today to insert today's date. The credit card will show in the Recurring Charges list each month, based on the day set in this field. This field is required. If you do not run billing daily, we recommend choosing a standard day, such as the 1st or 15th of every month, then run the recurring charges tool every month on this day.
  7. Date Stop: If you know the date when the recurring charge should end, enter it. Leave it blank if the amount should be charged indefinitely.
  8. Note: Enter notes specific to the charge.
  9. Click OK to save.