Automated Thank-Yous

Thank-You messages are eServices that send an automated message response (email or text message) when a patient schedules an appointment.

In eServices Setup, click Automated Messaging.

There are two separate Thank-You services:

When sending Thank-You messages via text, additional text Message Fees apply.

Automated Thank-You Messages

An automated Thank-You message is sent shortly after a patient schedules or reschedules their appointment. When using eConfirmations, it can include the [AddToCalendar] tag so patients can add the appointment to the calendar on their device.

New Patient Thank-You Messages

An automated New Patient Thank-You message is sent shortly after a new patient schedules their first appointment. A patient is considered new if their appointment has New Patient checked. If the patient has already been sent a New Patient Thank-You, they are not sent another message, even if they have rescheduled their appointment.

When using eConfirmations and Web Forms, this message must include the [NewPatWebFormURL] tag for patients to fill out forms online. When using the tag, set up the New Patient URL in Automated Messaging Preferences.

This message goes out along with the Automated Thank-You Message, so the patient is sent two separate messages.

Activate / Deactivate Auto Thank-Yous

Automated Thank-You messages can be activated or deactivated as needed.

Automated Thank-You Messages

New Patient Thank-You Messages

Auto Thank-You Rules

After activating Auto Thank-You or New Patient Thank-You messages, set up rules in the Edit Rule window.