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Billing Defaults

Billing defaults affect default options for statements sent via the Billing List. More defaults can be set in Manage Module Preferences.

To edit billing default settings:

  1. In the Manage module, click Billing.
  2. From the Billing Options window select Defaults under Dunning Messages or from the Bills list select Defaults above the Send button.
    Note: Only electronic billing settings can be edited in billing defaults from the Bills list.
  3. Select options then click OK to save.

Start Date Last ... Days: The number of days of account history that will show on each statement. This value will be used to calculate the default Start Date on the main Billing window. For example, if Start Date Last is 45 days, then the start date printed on the statement will be 45 days from the date the statement is generated.

Intermingle family members: Determines how family account history is grouped on statements. This setting also determines the default setting for the Intermingle box on the main Billing window.

  • If checked, family members will be mixed together on the statement and transactions will be ordered by date.
  • If unchecked, each family member will have their own section on the statement with a total.
    Note: Electronic Billing (statements by a third party) are always intermingled.

General Message: The default message that shows at the bottom of statements generated using the Billing list (above the dunning message). General message may be set per clinic, see Set up a General Message.

  • Use the [InstallmentPlanTerms] variable to show installment plan terms for patients with installment plans.
  • There is a 500 character limit (including the installment plan terms if used).

Electronic Billing: To set up electronic billing (e-statements), enter electronic billing information.
Electronic Billing Options: Select the correct option:

  • No electronic billing: Do not send e-statements. 
  • Dental X Change: Use DentalXChange to send e-statements. See E-Bills Using DentalXChange for additional setup instructions.
  • Output to file: Save e-statements as an .xml file to the Output Path.
  • ClaimX/ExtraDent: Save e-statements in the ClaimX/ExtraDent file format to the Output Path.
  • EDS: Save e-statements as an .xml file to the Output Path.

Note: If you select an option other than No electronic billing, when you generate the Billing List, the default delivery mode for statements will be 'electronic'. However, if a patient has a billing type that is designated as E (email), the default delivery mode will still be Email (not electronic).

The other fields which are editable depend on the electronic billing option selected. For fields that only pertain to DentalXChange, see E-Bills Using DentalXChange.

  • Credit Card Choices: Send credit card choice information with the e-statement information.
  • Output Path vs URL Override: The label changes depending on the electronic billing option selected. E-statements will be saved or uploaded to this location by default.
    • If Dental X Change, the label is URL Override and the default path is https://claimconnect.dentalxchange.com/dci/upload.svl.
    • Otherwise the label is Output Path and a valid path is required. Only EDS has a default path (C:\EDS\Statements).
  • Generate PDF: For DentalXChange or ClaimX/ExtraDent only. Determines whether or not a PDF version of each e-statement will be generated and saved in the Images module, statements folder. We recommend always generating a PDF so that you have a record of statement information sent to the patient.
  • Practice Address: The address to send as the practice address.
  • Clinic: If using Clinics, the clinic.

Email-Statements: The default subject and message for statements that are emailed via the Billing List or Account module. The following variables are available.

  • [monthlyCardsOnFile] - the customers credit cards on file. The first 12 digits will be masked, and the last four digits will show, followed by expiration date, e.g. XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-1234_exp:01/01. Multiple cards will be separated by commas.
  • [nameF] - guarantor's first name and preferred name
  • [nameFL] - guarantor's first, preferred and last name
  • [namePref] - guarantor's preferred name
  • [PatNum] - patient number
  • [currentMonth] - the current month
  • [nameFLnoPref]] - guarantor's first and last name only (no preferred name).

Invoice Note: The default note that will appear on Invoices sent in the Account module.

See also: Billing Filter Options, Dunning Messages, Manage Module Preferences.


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