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An invoice shows Procedures and Adjustments. It will also show the payment plan if the patient has one. When printed or emailed, a PDF version is saved in the Account module and can be reprinted, resent, or viewed later. Once attached to an invoice, the same procedures and adjustments cannot be attached to a new invoice.

To view payments on invoices, check Statements Use Sheets in Account Module Preferences. For super family invoices, see Super Families.

  1. To create an invoice, select specific procedures and adjustments in the Account Module. Click the Statement dropdown, Invoice.

  1. The options below show for an invoice. Change as needed. See Statement Window for a full definition of each option.
    • Date: Defaults to today's date.
    • Sent: Automatically checked once the statement, invoice, or receipt is printed or emailed. It can also be changed manually.
    • Hide payment options: Do not include amount due, date due, amount enclosed, credit card payment section, and aging information.
    • Single patient only: Informational only and cannot be changed.
    • Send to Super Family: Only an option if the patient is a member of a Super Family, Statements use sheets is enabled, and the family guarantor has 'Included in Super Family Billing' checked on the Edit Patient Information window.
    • Invoice: Always checked and not editable.
    • Invoice number: Automatically created and cannot be changed.
    • Note: By default shows the Invoice Note set in Billing Defaults
    • Bold Note: Shows in bold red above and below the procedure grid.
  2. Click View to preview the invoice. If a PDF has been created, View will locate the PDF.
    Click Print to send the invoice to the default Printer.
    Click Pat Portal to send the invoice to the Patient Portal.
    Click Email to email the invoice as a PDF. See Send Email.
    Click OK to generate the invoice without printing or emailing it.

Viewing Invoices
Invoices show in the Images module. Printing or emailing an invoice creates a PDF in the Images module, Statements folder. A new PDF is created when the Mode is changed. The first PDF is not overwritten. Sending a statement via Mail, In Person, or Electronic does not create a PDF.

Foreign Users
The following differences apply to users in other countries.

  • New Zealand and Australia only: The title is "TAX INVOICE". 
  • All foreign countries: If an invoice is printed multiple times, copies will have the word "COPY" in red at the top.  To print the invoice again without the word "COPY", uncheck the Sent checkbox and the Invoice Copy checkbox, then print again.

Sample Invoice


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