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Text Boxes with Right Click Options

When you right click on some text boxes, an additional menu appears.

These text boxes support Quick Paste Notes and Spell Check.

Below is a list of textboxes with right click options and their type.


Text Boxes that support Right Click Options
Window Name: Text Box Name

None Account module:  Fam Urgent Fin Note

Edit Procedure Code:  Default Notes
Edit ProcedureCode Note: Note
Procedure Info:  Notes, E-claim Note
Group Note: Notes
Procedure Note Append: Original Note, Appended Note

Appointment Edit Appointment:  Appointment Notes
CommLog Comm Log: Note

Edit Adjustment:  Note

Claim Edit Claim: Claim Notes
Email Edit Email Message - body of message
Edit Email Template
- body of message
InsPlan Edit Insurance Plan:  Plan Note, Subscriber Note
Benefit Info:  Notes
Letter Edit Letter - accessed via Main Menu, Setup, Letters
MedicalSummary Medical:  Medical Summary
ServiceNotes Medical:  Service Notes
MedicalHistory Medical:  Medical History
MedicationEdit Edit Medication:  Notes
MedicationPat Medication for Patient:  Count, Instructions, Refills
PatAddressNote Edit Patient Information:  Address and Phone Notes
Add Family:  Address and Phone Notes

Payment:  Note

PayPlan Payment Plan:  Note
Edit Payment Plan Charge: Note
Query Query
Referral Edit Referral:  Notes
Rx Edit Rx:  Notes
FinancialNotes Account module:  Family Financial
Billing Options:  General Message
MedicalUrgent Medical:  Med Urgent
ChartTreatment Chart module:  text box under graphical chart
Statement Statement:  Note, Bold Note
Billing Defaults:  General Message
Billing Options:  General Message, Body
Recall Edit Recall:  Administrative Note
Popup Edit Popup:  Popup Message
Task Task:  Description, Note.  The quick paste note must have a 'Task' type of the ? shortcut will not work.
TxtMsg Text Message:  Text Message
Schedule Edit Schedule: Note
Edit Blockout: Note
TreatPlan Treatment Plan module: Treatment Plan Note
Edit Treatment Plan: Treament Plan Note
ClaimCustomTrack Edit Claim window, Status History tab: Claim Track Status Note

Inserting Dates
There are several ways to quickly insert today's date in a right click text box.

  • In the text box, press CTRL + D.
  • Right click in the text box, then click Insert Date.
  • Click Date at the bottom of the Quick Paste Notes window.


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