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Practice Setup 

Practice information includes general contact information, billing and pay-to addresses, and default providers.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Practice.

  1. Enter practice details.
    Practice is Medical: Enable the non-dental interface. See Non-Dental Practice / Clinic.

    Provider Name/Practice Title: If there is only one provider, the practice title can be the name of the provider.

    For the logic that determines which address is used in printed and electronic claims, see Addresses on Claims.

    Physical Treating Address: The physical location where treatment is performed. This address is always used on Statements

    Billing Address: Must be a physical address (not a PO Box). Check 'Use on Claims' to use in both printed claims and e-claims. On Electronic Billing statements, it overrides Address on EHG.

    Pay To Address:
    The address where the insurance payment will go. It can be a PO Box. Sent with the billing address in 5010 e-claims and, if entered, will override the billing address on printed claims. Note: 5010 e-claims require a 9 digit zip code (see https://tools.usps.com/go/ZipLookupAction_input).

    Bank Deposit Acct Number and Info: The bank account that deposits will be made to. This account number will be used on daily Deposit Slips.

    Default Provider: The default provider to assign to new patients. Also used to determine the standard fee schedule.

    Default Billing Type: The default billing type for this practice. Billing types can be customized in Definitions.

    Default Proc Place Service: The default place of service assigned to new procedures (Procedures - Misc tab) and when completing procedures. This option is only visible if Public Health is turned on in Show Features

    Default Insurance Billing Provider: The default billing provider on Claims. This does not affect treating provider.
    Default Practice Provider: The default provider selected above.
    Treating Provider: The treating provider. See Claims, Treating Provider for logic that determines who the treating dentist is.
    Specific Provider: A specific provider.

  2. Click OK to save.

Multiple Locations
Practices that have multiple locations should use the Clinics feature and assign each patient to the appropriate clinic. If using clinics, clinic addresses may override practice addresses on claims. See Addresses on Claims.


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