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ClaimX E-Claims

ClaimX an E-Claims Clearinghouse. Website:  http://website.extradent.com/. Note: ClaimX also offers electronic billing. See Billing Defaults for e-statement setup.

To set up the ClaimX clearinghouse:

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Family/Insurance, Clearinghouses.
  2. Double click on ClaimX.
  3. Set up as follows, then click OK to save.

Creating a Claim
For the ClaimX client program to recognize a Claim, it must have a Claim Status of 'Waiting to Send'. 
- When you create a claim, just click OK; do not click Send.  This will mark the claim 'Waiting to Send' and it will show in the ClaimX client program. 
- To re-submit a claim, change the Claim Status to 'Waiting to Send'; do not click Resend.


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