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ODMobile Feature

ODMobile (formerly Open Dental Mobile) is an eService that allows users to check their schedule, send prescriptions, and text patients, from their mobile device.

Download the App

Download on the App Store for iOS.
Download on the Play Store for Android.

Key Features

Watch our video: A Quick Look at ODMobile.

Try out the App

Try out the app before signing up!

  1. Download the ODMobile app to your mobile device.
  2. Enter the username Demo when prompted for Signup Portal Login.
  3. Enter the username doctordemo when prompted for Open Dental Login.
  4. Enter any character as the password.

Getting Started

ODMobile is included in our eServices Bundle or is available for a standalone monthly fee. See Fees for Support and Services for pricing.

Practices must be on support and have a unique, active registration key to sign up for ODMobile. Practices must remain on support while using the service.

ODMobile is a replacement for Mobile Web. If you were already using Mobile Web, you can switch to ODMobile at no additional cost.

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