User Group

In the Security window, click the User Groups tab.

Every User is part of at least one user group. The user groups created here are available to assign to Users.

Users currently associated: At the right is a lst of all users currently assigned to the selected user group. Users can be assigned to multiple user groups.

To add a group, click Add Group. To rename a group, double click the group name, or select it and click Edit Group. Before a user group can be deleted, all users must be moved to another user group.

Note: To create a special set of permissions for a single user, create a user group just for that individual.

Set Permission

Each Permission controls a user's access to, or use of, an Open Dental feature or log a user's actions in the Audit Trail. Permissions are assigned by user group. See Permissions for a list of all permissions and their behavior. If you are unsure of what permissions to assign to each user group, it is simplest to start with all permissions on a temporary basis, and then gradually add restrictions, as needed.

Set All: Quickly assign all permissions, except the "Security Admin" Permission, to the selected user group.

Individual boxes may also be checked or unchecked. If you check a box for a permission with a User Group Lock Date, then this window will come up.

This will let you prevent alternation of historical data. To set a date limitation, enter a value in the Date or Days field, then click OK to save. If left blank, there will be no lock date.

Date: Changes will only be allowed if they are newer than the date entered. A typical date might look like 3/31/2019, which would close out the month of March.

Days: Changes will only be allowed if they are newer than the days listed. 1 will give permission for today. 2 will give permission for today and yesterday. The maximum number of days allowed is 3,000.

Note: See Global Lock Date to prevent backdating of new items, or to lock for multiple permissions and groups at one time.