Global Security Settings

In the Security window, at the upper left, click Global Security Settings.

Settings affect all users.

Time Card Security Enabled:

Users cannot edit their own Time Card: This option can only be changed if the Time Card Security Enabled box is also checked. The setting of this box will override the Edit All Time Cards security permission.

Disable Monthly Backup Reminder:

Log off when Windows logs off:

Passwords must be strong:

Strong passwords require special character:

Force password change if not strong:

Manually enter log on credentials:

Default User Group: Select the default user group to apply to new users added via the main menu, Setup, Security, Add User. Groups that have the Security Admin permission enabled cannot be used as a Default User Group. See User Edit.

Automatic logoff time in minutes (0 to disable): Set a time when, after a period of inactivity, Open Dental will automatically log off the current user. Enter 0 if you do not want an automatic log off time. If automatic log off is turned on, and you manually click Log Off, any unsaved changes will be lost, and no warning message will show.

Domain Login: LSee Single Sign-On / Domain Login.

Global Lock: See Security Lock Dates.