Mobile Web Home

Note: Mobile Web has been replaced by ODMobile, an app that is installed right to your mobile device! New features will not be added to Mobile Web, however it can still be used.

In a supported internet browser, go to your Mobile Web URL.

Enter your Open Dental user name and password, and press Sign In.

Remember User Name: Check to remember the user name the next time you log on.

After five failed logon attempts in a row, a user will temporarily be locked out of the account for five minutes or until a user with Security Admin privileges manually unlocks the account (See User Edit).

Note: To log on, a user have the ODTouch/ODMobile security permission and a strong password.

Home Screen

The Home screen is the central location for accessing Mobile Web information.

Patient and appointment information is filtered by clinic. If the logged-on user has access to multiple clinics that use Mobile Web, the default clinic upon logon will be the clinic active the last time the user logged on or closed Open Dental. To change clinics, click the down arrow in the upper right, then Clinics.

Press an option to access.

In the upper right corner, press the down arrow to open an additional menu.

On subsequent windows, press < in the top left corner to go back one screen.