eRouting Setup

Set up customized eRouting definitions to meet the flow of different types of appointments when using ODTouch.

In eRouting, click Setup.

Click Add, or double-click an existing definition to edit.

Description: Enter a name for the eRouting definition.

Actions: Add actions to take for this eRouting definitions. Each action opens the appropriate screen in ODTouch.

Use the Add Action dropdown to select an action, then click Add to include it. Add each action individually. Use the Up and Down arrows to reorder actions. Options include:

To remove an Action Type, highlight it, then click Remove.

eRouting Triggers: Add trigger types to determine when a definition should be used. When patients meet the trigger criteria, the appropriate eRouting definition is begun in ODTouch. If multiple triggers are met, the user can select the definition to use.

Use the Add Trigger Type dropdown to select a trigger for patients to meet, then click Add to include it. Each trigger type is added individually. Options include:

To remove a Trigger, highlight it, then click Remove.

Click Delete to remove the entire eRouting definition. Click Save to save changes.