ODTouch: Appointments

Manage the daily schedule by viewing, creating, and editing appointments.

From the ODTouch: Home Screen, tap Appts.

Appointment Views

Click the caret at the top to change the Appointment View or to view unscheduled time. Tap the calendar to change days.

Edit or create mobile views in Appointment View Edit.

Create an Appointment

Option 1:

  1. Tap + on an available time slot.
  2. Select the desired start time.
  3. Edit the appointment as needed.
  4. Tap Save to schedule the appointment.

Option 2:

  1. Tap New Appt.
  2. Add appointment details (patient, procedures, provider, etc.)
  3. Tap Save.
  4. The appointments is added to The Pinboard. See Move an Appointment below to schedule it.

Note: When creating a new appointment, tap the Patient Name to change patient if needed.

Move an Appointment

To move an appointment to a new time:

  1. Tap the three dots on an appointment, then tap Copy to Pinboard.
  2. Tap an open time slot on the calendar (+) or use the Appointment Search.
  3. Verify appointment information in the Edit Appointment Screen then tap Save. The appointment will be moved to the new time slot.

Edit Appointment Screen

To add or edit an appointment:

Settings in the Appointment Edit Screen match settings found in the Edit Appointment window in Open Dental.

Search Available Appointment Times

To find available appointment times in the future:

  1. Copy the appointment to the Pinboard.
  2. Tap Search. Filters match the filters found in the Pinboard, Advanced Appointment Search in Open Dental.
  3. Tap a result.
  4. Tap an available time slot (+) to schedule the appointment.

Complete an Appointment

Tap the three dots on the appointment, then tap Set Complete.

Select a Patient

Tap the three dots on the appointment, then tap Select Patient.