ODTouch: Chart

View and chart patient treatment as needed.

From the ODTouch: Home Screen, tap Chart.

The Chart Home screen mimicks the Chart Module in Open Dental. This screen is not available when using a mobile phone device.

Note: Text entered in ODTouch can be entered via the on-screen keyboard, an attachable keyboard, or using a stylus pen (e.g., Apple Pencil or Samsung S Pen).

Notes: Tap the edit icon to add or edit odontogram notes.

Patient Info: View a read-only copy of patient information.

Progress Notes: View a read-only copy of progress notes. Tap an item to view additional information.

Edit Chart Information

Tap the edit icon in the bottom right to edit patient chart information or chart procedures.

Tip for entering treatment:

Procedure Edit

Tap an upcoming procedure to make edits.

Alternatively, when editing an appointment, tap a procedure to make edits.

Information in this window mimicks the information found in the Procedure Info window in Open Dental.

Tap an item to make edits. Tap Edit Note to add or edit procedure notes. Tap OK to save changes.