eReminder and eConfirmation Troubleshooting

Below are common questions about eReminders, as well as some troubleshooting steps.

Problem: I have clinics, and my eReminders and eConfirmations are not sending.

Check that you have assigned clinics to patients, appointments, and operatories. In addition, in eReminders or eConfirmations, check the option Allow eMessages from Appts w/o Clinic. This will ensure that eMessages are sent for all appointments, even those with no clinic assigned.

Problem: Automated eReminders or eConfirmations aren't sending.

Solution: When a reminder cannot be sent, an error is logged. You can access this log to see which patients did not receive reminders. This can only be accessed on the computer with eConnector installed.

  1. Navigate to the C: drive.
  2. Open the Program Files(x86) folder, then OpenDental\OpenDentaleConnector\Logger\ConfirmationRequests or AppointmentComm.

These folders are only be available if an error was logged for eConfirmations or eReminders.

Problem: eConfirmations/eReminders don't seem to be sending via text message.

Solution: Go to Setup>Family Insurance>Family Preferences. Review the preference 'Text Msg OK, treat ?? as no instead of Yes'. This is checked by default but you may consider unchecking this preference. This will allow texts sent to all patients except those Marked as 'No' for texting in the Family Module Patient info section.