There are several ways Email Messages can be sent and received using Open Dental accessed from the Main Toolbar.

Regular email

Send unsecure email messages to anyone entered as a patient in Open Dental.

Secure Email

Send and receive secure email messages.

Web Mail

Send and receive secure Web Mail messages to and from patients using the Patient Portal

Other Information

10/04/2021:Google began restricting less secure app access to G Suite Accounts in 2020. Open Dental has completed the OAuth Integration with Google, which allows us to continue to use Gmail accounts within the program. The OAuth Integration is available in versions 22.3.10, 22.2.41, and 22.1.61 and greater.

For instructions, see our video: Google Authorization for Gmail

Reminder: If you are using an email client (such as Microsoft Outlook) to email multiple patients (e.g. mass email), be sure to use a Bcc field rather than To or Cc to avoid exposing your patient email addresses to other patients.