ClaimConnect E-Claims

In Clearinghouses, double-click ClaimConnect.

DentalXChange offers a variety of services, such as claim processing, attachments, payments, ERAs, and more. Visit to learn more about their services.

Open Dental Setup

To enable DentalXChange / ClaimConnect as the default clearinghouse, set ClaimConnect as the Dental default in the Clearinghouses window.

In the Edit Clearinghouses window, set the following. Credentials entered in this window are for use with only claims, ERAs, and electronic eligibility.

  • If using Clinics, use the Clinic dropdown in the top right to switch between clinics and alter setup as required.
  • See Other Services below to set up credentials for Patient Billing or PayConnect integrated credit card services.


The DentalXChange ClaimConnect payments platform integrates with Open Dental to streamline connections and data sharing between providers and payers to keep claims moving. With ClaimConnect practices can:

Register with DentalXChange

  1. Go to
  2. Create a new account or edit an existing account.
  3. Select Open Dental as the Practice Management Software.
  4. Choose the services the practice is interested in.

Other Services

To use DentalXChange for:

Payer IDs

The Electronic Payer IDs list is automatically updated when ClaimConnect is set as the default clearinghouse. The Open Dental Service is required.

Troubleshooting & Technical Details

The best troubleshooting approach to nearly any problem is to monitor the DentalXChange website. It shows which claims were successfully submitted, which ones have errors, and so on. Use it regularly to stay on top of claims.

When sending claims, receive 'authentication failed.authBadPwd' error.

This error is due to a bad password.

  1. Go to the DentalXChange website and verify that the user can login.
  2. Verify that the same password is entered for the clearinghouse in Open Dental.

Note: Passwords in DentalXChange are case sensitive. Be sure to use the correct capitalization when entering the DentalXChange password in Open Dental. Special characters (%, !, $, etc) are not allowed in Open Dental.

Uploads Fail, "A previous batch submission was found in an incomplete state."

After a failed upload, the next time that a user tries to send a claim, there is a warning. Resubmit the batch in question as well as the subsequent failed batch. Check the DentalXChange website to make sure all claims went through.

Can we use a terminal server / hosted app for DentalXChange?

Yes. The claim export path uses temporary subfolders when on a terminal server / hosted app. This allows multiple users to send claims simultaneously.