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eClipboard Feature

eClipboard is an eService that uses a tablet optimized app to allow patients to easily check in for appointments, fill out patient forms, and take patient pictures.

Download the App

Key Features

Watch our video: A Quick Look at eClipboard .

  • Self check-in to the Waiting Room when patients arrive for their appointment
  • Electronic patient forms (patient registration, medical history, consent forms, etc)
  • Selfie feature to easily update patient picture
  • Present and sign Treatment Plans from the mobile app
  • Present and sign Payment Plans from the mobile app
  • BYOD allows patients to download the eClipboard app to complete check-in from the convenience of their own device
  • Allow patients to make payments from the eClipboard device

Try out the App

Try out the app before signing up!

  1. Download the eClipboard to your mobile device.
  2. Enter the username Demo when prompted for Signup Portal Login.
  3. Enter John Smith as the patient name.

Getting Started

eClipboard is included in our eServices Bundle or is available for a standalone monthly fee. See Fees for Support and Services for pricing.

Practices must be on support and have a unique, active registration key to sign up for eClipboard. Practices must remain on support while using the service.

After signing up, set up eClipboard to start using the app. Features available in the app correspond with the Open Dental version your office is using. We recommend routine updates for access to the latest features and enhancements.

See Tablet Devices for device details and compatibility.

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