Edit Mobile Sheet Def

Sheets can be optimized for use with mobile devices and eClipboard.

In Edit Sheet Def, at the upper right, click Show Mobile.

If instead a button for Hide Mobile is shown, the mobile layout is already enabled.

Alternatively, in Sheet Def Properties, enable Use Mobile Layout.

This toggles a pane that shows a mobile-optimized view. Mobile layout is available for patient forms, consent forms, exam sheets, and medical histories.

See our video on Mobile Web Forms: Web Forms Tutorial.
Sheets enabled with mobile layout can be used in eClipboard.

Double-click a Sheet Input Field to edit. Drag and drop to change the order of the fields.

Note: Mobile sheets do not support images. If you are using a scanned image as a background in the desktop version of your sheet, it will not show for mobile layout users.

Use Mobile Layout: Check to enable mobile version of sheet for use with Web Forms.

Add Header: Click to add a header to the mobile layout of the sheet.

Order Fields from Desktop: Click to automatically sort the mobile layout fields using the tab order determined in the desktop layout of the sheet.

Filling out Mobile Sheets

Filling out Mobile Sheets may differ from the Fill Sheet window or Web Forms: What Patient Sees when filling out on a computer web browser.

eClipboard: When filling out sheets via eClipboard, some information may be filled in on sheets if it exists in the database or the patient has filled out the form previously. Patients can update or change information as needed.

MedicalHistory Sheets: For any blank InputMed fields, there is a single Add button available for the patient to input medications. The number of available inputs various depending on how many have been added to the sheet. If medication information already exists for the patient, they may see a list of medications. A Remove button is listed next to each existing medication associated to a CheckMed field.


If a mobile field has errors it will be highlighted red in the Edit Mobile Layout window. Errors may include:

Double-click a mobile field to resolve the error.