Consent Form Layout

In Sheets, double-click on a consent form.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Sheets.
  2. Copy a sheet with a Consent type, or create a new one.
    • Highlight an internal Consent sheet and click Copy.
    • Highlight a custom Consent sheet, then click Duplicate to copy it.
    • Click New to create a new custom sheet and select Consent as the type.
    • Double-click an existing custom Consent sheet to edit.
  3. Change the sheet as desired.
    Note: The Input Field for ToothNum is unique to Consent forms. Prior to having a consent signed, add the tooth number manually from within Open Dental. Once entered, the field cannot be altered on the tablet or kiosk device.

    Sheet Def Properties

    Sheet Field Types

  4. Click OK to save.