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Conversions from another Software

If you need to convert from another dental software, we provide data conversions, conversion of scanned documents and patient pictures, and other services.  For more information, please contact a conversion specialist at 503-363-5432 or conversions@opendental.com. Our conversion department is generally available Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m (PT).

Data Conversion: Converts data from another software to an Open Dental database. The data that converts varies by software. See Data Conversion Fees for a breakdown.
Scanned Document (Image) Conversion: Converts scanned documents and patient pictures; it is not included in a data conversion and has a separate fee. It does not include x-rays. Image conversions only occur after a final data conversion.

Service Fee More Details
  Data Conversions:    
      Test Data Conversion  No charge Test Data Conversion
      Final Data Conversion

Typical cost: $800 per database. Fees vary depending on the data we can convert. 

Conversions for practices using clinics are an additional $200 per clinic/physical location.

Fees for a Data Conversion
Final Data Conversion Overview

      Custom Conversion Scripts Additional charge of $100 per hour  
  Scanned Documents (Image) Conversions Varies by software application. Fees for Scanned Document (Image) Conversions
  Database Merge $300 per merge. Merging Databases
  Database Split $300 per database. Splitting Databases
  Patient ID Renumbering $300  
  Open Dental software and support Fees for Software and Support  
  Special Script Request $100 minimum charge Script Request Form

Payment: The first month's support fee and final data conversion fee must be paid BEFORE the date of the final conversion. Call us at least 3 days prior to the conversion date to make a payment. We accept payment via credit or debit card. To pay by check, you can pre-arrange to have a statement sent to you.

The conversion fee is separate from the support fee, so you can receive a conversion without signing up for support (e.g. if you need to convert from an old practice management solution that is no longer functional, such as in the case of a legal dispute for a retired doctor.)

International Customers: If you reside in a country outside of the United States and your country has privacy regulations that forbid the transfer of patient data to the United States (such as the European Union or New Zealand), the conversion will be run through a remote connection on a computer in your office. You will be required to set aside a computer for the duration of the conversion process so it can be used by conversion staff. It cannot be used as a general workstation during that time. There is also an additional fee of $200 (USD) due to the complexity involved when running a data conversion remotely. This fee is in addition to other data conversion fees.

Volume Discounts: Volume data conversion discounts are available to dental organizations doing multiple data conversions (distributors excluded). Please confirm discounts with a conversion specialist. All conversion discounts must be approved by Open Dental management.

First 3 data conversions: Full price
4 – 7 data conversions: $100 discount from full conversion price (if greater than $300)
8+ data conversions: $200 discount from full conversion price (if greater than $300)

How a Data Conversion Works

  1. Contact us to schedule a Test Data Conversion. This test conversion is done at no charge and shows you how Open Dental will work with your data. We recommend scheduling one to two weeks in advance. Depending on the size of your database and type of internet connection, the test data conversion itself may take a few hours to several days to complete.
  2. Work in the test conversion to see what your data looks like. Use the Pre-Conversion Document (PDF) as a guide, and conduct a thorough evaluation of your converted data. This may take a few weeks to several months depending on your office schedule and until you are confident that the data has converted properly.
  3. When you are ready to proceed with a Final Conversion:
    • Contact us to schedule a final conversion date. We recommend scheduling one to two weeks in advance.
    • Complete and sign the Pre-Conversion Document and any other required software-specific documents (PDFs):
    • Return the completed and signed documents to us before your final conversion date. We prefer that you scan and email them. Fax is also an option.
    • Purchase Open Dental at least three days before your final conversion date.
    • Have the Open Dental support staff assist you with installing the full version of Open Dental on your workstations and server.
  4. On your final conversion date, we will collect your data, convert it, then deliver it to you. See Final Conversion. The final data conversion will take approximately the same amount of time as the test data conversion.
  5. Begin setting up, cleaning up, and using Open Dental.

For detailed walkthroughs and step-by-step help, see our YouTube Conversions webinars:

Conversions After Business Hours
Conversions that are scheduled to end outside of normal conversion business hours (Mon. through Fri., 8 am – 5:00 pm PST, not including holidays) are charged double the quoted conversion fee.

Each conversion will take a different amount of time to run, depending largely on what type of data is being converted and the size of the data set. Test conversions done ahead of time give both the customer and Open Dental a good idea of the amount of time a final conversion will take, and the conversion team will schedule a time block that will accommodate this, and let the customer know if the end time requested will be outside of business hours and require the extra charge. Because some final conversions are occasionally scheduled before the test conversion is complete, such conversions are usually scheduled conservatively to prevent the extra charge unless the customer requests it. Start times are usually scheduled to start Mon. through Fri., 8 am - 3 pm PST. If for example your conversion is anticipated to take 2 hours and 15 minutes, we would schedule it to start no later than 2:30 pm PST.

Start times anticipate that we have your data, so if a third party is collecting the data, they should have the data to us by the scheduled start time.

Questions and Answers
Q: What happens to my conversion data after the conversion is complete?
A: By default, we retain a copy of test and final conversion data in a secure and encrypted location for approximately two months so we can provide assistance to customers if issues arise. Once two months have passed, the data is permanently deleted. If you would like to increase or shorten the length of time data is retained, please notify us in writing (email). Also see our Business Associate Agreement.


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