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Conversions:  Splitting Databases

A database split may be necessary when one or more providers are leaving a practice and want to take data belonging to their patients with them. It can be performed by provider or by clinic. Practices also split a database to create a database template that has no patients, but copies all settings (e.g. when opening a new location). See Conversions.

Note: Only the database is split. We do not touch the OpenDentImages folder or information in the digital imaging software (x-rays). You can copy the OpenDentImages folder to the new location. Contact your digital imaging software for options regarding x-rays.

Fees:  Each database split is $300.  For instance, one database split into two databases for two different providers would be 2 x $300 = $600.  Or, simply removing certain providers from one database will result in only one database, thus the charge would be $300 (e.g. providers are no longer relevant to practice).

See Split Checklist.pdf


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