Daily Writeoff Report

The Daily Write-off Report lists write-offs by patient for a single date or date range.

In Standard Reports, in the Daily section, click Write-offs.

Write-offs are only tracked for insurance plans that use a PPO Percentage or PPO Fixed Benefit plan type.

To control user access to this report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.


Set the report criteria and filters before running the report.

Calendar: In the first calendar select the start date. In the second calendar select the end date. The date range defaults to today's date.

Providers: Select the providers to include. Ctrl + click to select multiple providers. Check All to include all listed providers.

Show Insurance Write-offs: Determines the date write-offs are applied. See Show Insurance Writeoffs for more details.

Clinics: Select clinics to include in the report. Ctrl + click to choose multiple clinics or check All (Includes hidden) to run the report for all clinics.


Click OK to generate a print preview of the report. The resulting report will change depending on the selected Show Insurance Write-offs option. Below is an example of the report and descriptions of each column on the report.

The following columns appear when Using initial claim date for write-off estimates, insurance pay date for write-off adjustments is selected:

Note: When running using Using initial claim date for write-off estimates, insurance pay date for write-off adjustments:
  • The Write-off column doesn't necessarily reflect the actual write-off if the date range of the report does not include the initial claim date and the payment date.
  • Write-offs are totaled at the bottom of the report. For the date range: Write-off Estimate + Write-off Adjustment = Write-off